Meet our team

Lara Leech – Owner and Head Biokineticist

Lara completed her BSc Honours degree in Biokinetics at Northwest University in 2005. She started her own private practice six years ago. Tennis has played a major role in Lara’s life, as she competed internationally from a young age and won several international tennis tournaments. This has shaped a desire to help young aspiring athletes reach their full potential. The fact that an injury hampered her tennis career created a special interest in sport rehabilitation. She also loves helping people improve their quality of life through exercise and to be there for them in the management of chronic disease. She has a special interest in orthopedic rehabilitation where exercise is used to speed up the rehabilitation and recovery process. She is passionate about helping people through exercise to manage their daily activities.

Charne Badenhorst – Biokinetics Intern

Completed my BA Honors degree in Biokinetics at the Northwest University in 2014. I am a sports fanatic with a love for netball. I was motivated to become a Biokineticist because of my passion to work with people and help people with sports and orthopedic related problems/injuries. I want to make a difference in peoples life through encouraging a healthy lifestyle.